Quotes I had never been permanently employed for 46 years in my life. I could not keep a job for more than 1 year yet l worked so hard at my work with all my effort, time and my very best. But after Dr musawo cast money spell and good luck spell, my luck has greatly improved. I am now permanently employed. Two years after the money and good luck spell was cast, l got promotion at work with an increase in my salary and l have been getting more profits from my side business than before? Marida Hellens, New York, UK Quotes
Marida H
not every one is fake you proved that to me Dr.

Quotes ?I realized that l was a lesbian when l was 15 years old. I dated different girls but there was this one girl that l met when l turned 26. We dated and there was a very strong feeling about her which l never had with the other girls. But after we dated for 1 year, she immediately started changing. She also had much pressure from her parents who never supported her gay life. She started dating boys but it also did not work for her as she is a lesbian. She also dated several other girlfriends. When l contacted Dr.Musawo who cast a love spell for gays, my girlfriend contacted me after 4 days, and ever since then, she has been stable and faithful for now 4 years. We have such a happy love life together that l never dreamed of? David Scott New York, UK Quotes
davie scot
Gay spell worked perfectly for me

Quotes I was lonely for 8 years since I lost my previous partner due to aids and since then I became very unhealthy in that no one would admire to be with me, I contacted more than 20 traditional healers to take me out of this stake but no one would help, until last year when I contacted dr musawo about my situation, he just sent me a special prayer which I said between 9-11:30pm then he performed the spell on my behalf after midnight, before 3am I got love calls from more than 5 men and now im happily engaged with a white man living happily in my own house in Pretoria. Zukiswa R Quotes
Zuky tracy
i praise you sir

Quotes I was Looking for Spells to Stop My Divorce and Save My Marriage. Now because of you I am living a happy married life and also my love lifeis restored. Thanks for Saving My Marriage. Your love and protection marriage spells have done wonders in my entire life. I will always run to you for help, I believe your ancestral powers are beyond human imaginatioin, Olgar Sandton Quotes
Olger S
thank you dr.musawo for help